"Lou, we are currently training the horses
for certification, and both Maple and
Peppermint's training is coming along
well.  Maple's conformation is what most
Rocky owners are looking for: big chest,
large hind quarters, small head, kind
eyes, good legs, and a
great disposition!  Maple knows what you
want and will react when asked to.  Most
of the time, she is relaxed on our
rides; occasionally, she will react to a
ghost but won't run away or bolt.  She
may start to side step, but when she feels
you tighten up in the saddle, it's all over
with.  She only has about 35 days of
training under saddle, so I'm very pleased
with her. Deb and I took Maple to a horse
show just for the exposure. They were
doing obstacle
course riding, and Maple and I watched.
After it was over, I walked her through the
course, and out of seven obstacles, she
completed five.  I was very impressed!  
Maple is a very loving horse."   Norris
Cate,  Arkansas
"Preacher and Zanna are doing awesome
and growing like weeds!   Zanna is going
to be striking as she gets older, and
Preacher is looking very manly.  They both
have awesome gaits without any work.  
Can't wait to ride them next year!   I've
been working with both of them on
leading and round pen work.  They both
do well at leading and walking over
things.  Preacher is excellent in the round
pen.  He already responds to voice
commands.  Zanna had a harder time, so
I am using long lines and driving her.  She
is responding well and understanding
what I want her to do.  I plan to show both
of them in a RMHA show this year.  I also
have plans to cross them over into other
areas of the horse world in 2009.  
Planning on converting some of these
Texas cowboys!"  C.J. in Texas
Here's another photo of RPM'S CHOCO
AMIGO.  You may click his photo to return
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"Peppermint is a very pretty dappled
chocolate, and is one of
the most gentle horses that I've ever been
around.  Peppermint is the dominant
horse in the pasture but doesn't bully;
everyone knows to take their cues from
her.  Peppermint's
conformation is good; she is a big body
horse and has very kind eyes.  She is a
great horse for people that are first time
riders because she doesn't spook and
does only what you ask.
Peppermint is always the horse my grand
kids and friends ride. Once, I rode
Peppermint when she was in season,
and rode by my
stallion. She side stepped him as if to
say, "I have a rider on my back, leave me
alone" and I couldn't get her to ride by him
again.  It's as if she knew it wasn't the
smartest thing to do.  Lou, Deb and I feel
fortunate that we bought
Peppermint and Maple from you.  I'm sure
we will have them as long as they live."   
The Cates of Arkansas
This is a photo of RPM'S PREACHER
MAN as a young yearling sent to me by CJ
in Texas.  You can read her comments
about him to the left underneath his foal
picture along with his pasture mate,
Zanna, who was also purchased by CJ.  
She's really liking both of them!
"I saw an advertisement for Choco Amigo
while searching for gaited colts. When I
saw Amigo, I thought he was so
handsome! I had heard so many good
things about Rocky Mountain horses: their
disposition, gaits, soundness, and
beauty, that I decided to contact Red Pond
Meadows about taking a look at Amigo.  I
contacted Lou Ellen Johnson, and she
graciously invited us to come and take a
look. We were shown most of the horses
on the farm and given a brief synopsis of
each of their backgrounds including her
stallion, Legacy, who is a well bred beauty
in his own right.
Amigo has proven to be exactly what I had
hoped. From the day we bought him until
the present, he has shown a high degree
of intelligence, willingness,
steadfastness, and gentleness. He is
curious and honest and has gaits that are
heavenly!  Lou Ellen had hoped I would
leave him a stallion because of his
wonderful heritage, but I wanted a
dependable gelding I can use for many
years. I have my dream horse in Amigo."  
Villa Bartlett, Stonewall Meadow Farm,